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IUG and PUG Union

San Francisco, California – March 16, 2016 – The Polaris Users Group, Inc. (PUG) and the Innovative Users Group (IUG) are pleased to announce their union effective March 4, 2016 into one users group representing customers of Innovative Interfaces Inc. (iii).  The users group will retain the name Innovative Users Group.


IUG will continue to offer the same benefits to its members, including, but not limited to, a single voice to communicate with iii, a combined pool of members for leadership, a forum for influencing the development and improvement of iii products, and networking and educational opportunities both through our website, our communication tool, and at our annual conference.


Talk of joining the two groups began as early as April 2014 when IUG invited PUG members to the annual conference. IUG soon welcomed three PUG members into its Steering Committee (SC) and amended its bylaws accordingly also to ensure future positions on the IUG SC for PUG members, including a PUG Liaison role. In early 2015, PUG struck up a taskforce to work out the details and create a proposal for members and in April 2015, IUG incorporated in the state of Ohio, looking forward to a union.  The proposal of the taskforce, based on legal representation, was presented to the two groups, resulting in a successful ballot vote by both organizations’ members and SCs.


As part of the agreement, 238 PUG organizational members have become IUG members through December 2016. With the transfer of PUG’s assets to IUG, PUG has also assured the future use of their remaining funds, over $100,000.00, as scholarships which will be available to Polaris ILS users to help subsidize their attendance at upcoming IUG conferences. In addition, a Polaris ILS Liaison and committee have been created to represent Polaris ILS users to Innovative Interfaces, advocating for their particular concerns and communicating back to IUG SC and membership.


IUG and PUG are now one group in attendance at the 24th annual Innovative Users Group (IUG) conference this week in San Francisco Jen Ferriss, PUG Chair Eeva Steirwalt, IUG Chair

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