framework definition

framework definition

Framework definition
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  • architecture,
  • armature,
  • cadre,
  • configuration,
  • edifice,
  • fabric,
  • frame,
  • framing,
  • infrastructure,
  • shell,
  • skeleton,
  • structure

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(1) The building blocks of an application.
Each class library has its way of doing things, and although the purpose of a framework is to eliminate a certain amount of programming drudgery, programmers must first learn the structure and peculiarities of the framework in order to use it. Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) is a widely used application framework for writing general-purpose Windows applications. Cocoa and Cocoa Touch are Mac and iOS frameworks, and Struts is a framework for Web-based Java applications.

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Framework definition
The concept of mobile manufacturing systems is presented in the literature as an enabler for improving company competitiveness by cost reduction, delay respect and quality control. In comparison with classical sedentary systems, added characteristics should be taken into consideration, such as the system life phases, the dependency to the production location, human qualification as well as means supply constraints. Such considerations might be addressed as soon as possible in the design process. This paper aims at presenting a contribution for the design of mobile manufacturing systems based on three analysis: (1) an analysis of the mobile manufacturing system features (2) an identification of the attributes enabling the system mobility assessment, and (3) the proposal of a framework for mobile production system design considering new context-specific decision criteria.
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However, the term MMC has now been regularised by a government working group, hopefully leading to a clearer and more widely accepted understanding of MMC, what it incorporates and the different forms it can take.
Incorporating many different types and processes of construction, and with differing terminology for these, what the general term MMC actually means often feels quite disjointed and unclear.