academical definition

academical definition

Something that is academic is related to school. Your parents might want to spend less time playing video games and more time focusing on academic pursuits. The noun academic refers to a professor or scholar.
As a noun or an adjective, academic relates to book learning and not always in a good way. An academic discussion back in Plato’s Academy was probably something better than what it has more recently come to mean: a discussion that’s academic has no place in the real world; it’s not practical. An academic might have a PhD in Robotics but not know how to work the TV. It doesn’t have to mean stuffy, though, just related to college — like when you need an academic gown for graduation.

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Academic literacy is the ability to understand and contextualize the academic vocabulary required in post-secondary education. Academic literacy practices are used and assessed in classrooms and may require students to analyze, summarize, compare, contrast and synthesize ideas and related information from a wide variety of sources.

Academic materials, supplies or equipment shall be interpreted broadly, but does not include materials, supplies or equipment which will be used in or connected with interscholastic athletic events.
Post‐secondary Academic materials (Activity 192) – Includes books, fees, school supplies.

If you have an iPhone or an Android phone and want to practise these words, you could try: Flashcards Deluxe. Install the application, then search in the shared library for “Academic Word List”. Or on an iPhone you might like to try iMemento: Install the application, then follow the instructions to use this file,
Academic Word List Coxhead (2000). The most frequent word in each family is in italics. There are 570 headwords and about 3000 words altogether. For more information see The Academic Word List. For more practice see: Schmitt & Schmitt (2005), or the Compleat Lexical Tutor.

That is why an academic education nowadays often fails of its purpose.
The academic product is, it must be remembered, a bundle of conventions.