what does extensively mean

what does extensively mean

What does extensively mean
Examples My sister is lucky to have traveled extensively through Italy.
Examples My sister is lucky to have travelled extensively through Italy.

South to Delaware; extensively introduced in the western states.
This was a wonderful invention and its principle has been extensively applied.

What does extensively mean
An extensive property is a property of matter that changes as the amount of matter changes. Like other physical properties, an extensive property may be observed and measured without any chemical change (reaction) occurring.
The two types of physical properties of matter are intensive properties and extensive properties.

Extensive reading involves learners reading texts for enjoyment and to develop general reading skills. It can be compared with intensive reading, which means reading in detail with specific learning aims and tasks.
A teacher reads a short story with learners, but does not set them any tasks except to read and listen.

Extensive agriculture, in agricultural economics, system of crop cultivation using small amounts of labour and capital in relation to area of land being farmed. The crop yield in extensive agriculture depends primarily on the natural fertility of the soil, the terrain, the climate, and the availability of water.
Extensive agriculture is distinguished from intensive agriculture in that the latter, employing large amounts of labour and capital, enables one to apply fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides and to plant, cultivate, and often harvest mechanically. Because extensive agriculture produces a lower yield per unit of land, its use commercially requires large quantities of land in order to be profitable. This demand for land means that extensive agriculture must be carried on where land values are low in relation to labour and capital, which in turn means that extensive agriculture is practiced where population densities are low and thus usually at some distance from primary markets. Compare intensive agriculture.

Thus far we have discussed a number of “process variables” (variables that may be measured and used to characterize the operation of a process). It is helpful, prior to discussing state variables to group these variables into two categories:
An extensive variable is one which depends on system size (like mass or volume).

What does extensively mean
“Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis” can be abbreviated as XDR TB
The meaning of XDR TB abbreviation is “Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis”