How Was the Retail Market Changed Forever by Amazon?

Nowadays, we can buy pretty much everything we want from Amazon, from clothes and electronics to books, tools, music, and personal care, with a few clicks. This aspect alone should give you a hint as to how insane of an impact Amazon has made in the retail industry.

Needless to say, Amazon changed the game for good in myriad ways. In this brief article, we’ll tackle some of those in order for you to understand why the platform was, is and will probably be unprecedented for a long time.


Amazon: How It Did It


  1. 2-in-1 Store and Market

 Besides being a huge store with an endless aisle, Amazon is also a market where thousands – if not millions – of entrepreneurs can sell their products. This is a classic win-win situation. This has revolutionized retail forever since the money entrepreneurs make gets to them without any hassle, bills are automated and Amazon can handle the paperwork, on top of everything.

  1. Endless Supply of Products

 We said that Amazon is basically an interminable store that you can browse for days and let’s face it: is there something you can’t find in it? Probably not; this has put an end to staying in queues and driving for miles to get to the closest mall. Couple this with the next aspect and you’ve got the recipe for success:

  1. Lightning Fast Shipping

 With Amazon Prime Now, buyers can get the products they purchased on the exact same day that they placed their orders. Again, this is something that retail hasn’t seen until Amazon crushed into it like a meteorite. Even without Amazon Prime Now, you can still get your packages within 48 hours, depending on where you are located.

On top of that, shipping is for the most part free which is close to a godsend, because shipping costs are sometimes almost half the price of the purchased products.

  1. Eerie But Extremely Feasible Return Policies

 You might not be aware of this, but Amazon will return your money and let you keep the product. So, if you realize that the product that you’ve purchased isn’t what you thought it would be, Amazon will reimburse and you can keep the said item. Evidently, this does not apply in all cases.

  1. It Revolutionized the Book Industry

 Once Amazon kicked in, people became able to start their own businesses by selling and trading old books. This led to a new face of the book industry, one that the world hadn’t seen before. Moreover, booksellers can manage their fulfillment on Amazon.

  1. Financial Transparency

 On Amazon, people can get the fair price they’ve looked for how so long. Even more importantly, Amazon let us know how pumped up the prices are in general. For instance, you can buy the same product you’d buy for $35 for only $15 on Amazon.

This is one of the main reasons why Amazon has become a go-to: it’s got something for everybody and is virtually not to be messed with when it comes to fairness and transparency.


Concluding Remarks

 Amazon is king today, no one can deny that. However, it would not have become what it is today without the Internet, which underlines that e-commerce is definitely the thing of the future.

Retail has been changed forever by this huge platform. In fact, if you stop for a moment and think about it, it’s hasn’t changed only the retail industry, but your life and the way you do your shopping. Hopefully, this article helped you understand why Amazon is at the top of the game.