Change Management Analysis


The journey towards making a change in my lifestyle was never easy. It is a decision that required discipline, focus, and dedication to adapting to new ways of life that were in line with my personal values. From the moment I started going without my favorite television program, I realized that I had set myself on an expedition that required more than I would sacrifice. I realized that in order to succeed at making a change in my lifestyle, I had to be objective, single minded, and committed. My management style pushed me to the extreme of foregoing some of the best moments in my life. However, I was determined to maintain on the new behaviors than look back on the old habits. My change management style became my new guide towards a new life. It was challenging foregoing some of the best habits and becoming accustomed to the new habits, but I was determined to make a difference. I constantly had to remind myself to stick to the new behavior, repeat to myself over again to get accustomed, forget about the previous habit and get in the new performance of reading at least one novel in a day instead of the television.

My strategy of personal counseling and motivation focused on making the change without getting frustrated. The second strategy laid more emphasis on monitoring my personal response towards the realization of the new habit coming to fruition.  I paid a keen attention to my previous performance in comparison to my new behavior. Even though during the initial stages I did not have much fun in my newly adapted habits, I gradually started to fine-tune my mind to fully accept the change and ensure complete success. Although this did not come easy as most of the time I felt frustrated with the new habit, instead of watching a classic movie. My second strategy that involved monitoring my progress worked best as I gradually realized the new habit was having a profound effect on my mind and personal lifestyle. The involvement of third parties that included my most trusted friend did not bear much fruit as I came to realize that it was an obstacle to achieving my goal. It failed me and nearly ruined the whole journey towards making a change.

I poorly designed on the third strategy of involving friends to help me overcome the habit of watching television that had slowly become an addiction. My best friend failed me and nearly ruined my plans. Towards the end of the journey of making a total change, I did realize that instead of involving my best friend, I could have sort help from a professional who could have guided me through the journey. My target could have been a close family friend in a corporate leadership position, or even my own parent. Additionally, I would have used a new approach such as adapting several new habits such as taking up a new hobby such as playing an indoor game.

Palmer et al (2016) argues that some of the best laid plans towards change often fail and I was prepared to ensure that I sustain the change initiative which may include both internal and external conflicts. To avoid a situation whereby my change strategy might fail, I set my mind on flexibility and patience. Since I fully understood why I was making the change, I created an opportunity to make the overall transformation through small but significant changes. Even though it did not have a full impact during the initial stages, it greatly helped in fixing some of my weaknesses as I fully got into the new habit. My agility to make the process successful was nearly ruined by my patient attitude towards the process.

According to Palmer et al (2016) resistance to change is normal and healthy and I consider some of the resistance I encountered as “a normal human response” that I did expect along the journey. However, my inner belief that I would get personal satisfaction from my newly acquired habit motivated me to achieve my desired change. My greatest obstacle to realizing my goal in achieving a desired age was the inner need to be like my close friends. Additionally, I feared that my newly adapted behavior may make me lose on some of the best moments I had with friends. On the other hand, I internally resisted to the change because of fear of the unknown, as I did not know exactly what awaited me in the future with my new change.  Despite these feelings and circumstances of resistance, I motivated myself through personal counseling, revisiting my goals, and practicing a patient attitude towards the journey.