Human Resource Management


Regular self assessment is an important exercise or practice for any individual in the various facets of life. This is because it enables one to identify current strengths and weaknesses that may need to be worked on pertaining to interacting with other people. An individual is able to assess him or herself and come up with suitable recommendations on how to improve certain areas of their lives. This will aid in improving social interactions with others as well as improving group behavioral skills that are useful in an organization. The self assessment report below will guide me in establishing various action plans that I can apply to improve on various skills in my life.

  1. Good Communication Skills

Under good communication skills, my lowest scores were 2, 4 and 6 which are: being conscious of the need to pay attention to all eight steps in the communication process, understanding which barriers affect each stage of the communication process and consciously seeking to manage the messages sent by my body language.

1: Primarily, I will interact more with my close friends and obtain feedback from them as to how they think I am progressing based on the above scores. I will achieve this by holding regular conversations with them individually where they are able to guide me to improve on these skills.

2: I will ask for guidance from those who I already know have gained experience in communication skills, particularly my teachers and family members. They will be able to give me tips on how to improve various aspects of my life.

3: I will carry out more online research and view two motivational videos on a weekly basis on how to improve one’s communication skills. These three action plans will guide me to be free while communicating with others.

  1. Good reward and empowerment Skills

Under this category, my lowest scores were 3, 6 and 9. These are characterized by: inference and misinterpretation problems, lack of proper listening skills and barriers in using electronic mail.

1: I will take more time to analyze facts of a scenario so as not to make any wrong inference from the same. This will be carried out by writing down the facts that are available in every scenario which saves me from missing any important fact in a scenario.

2: I will practice with my close friends on a weekly basis through regular test conversations on my listening skills. My close friends will then be able to give me feedback as to whether they felt I was listening attentively.

3: I will use the internet to research about electronic mail etiquette and how it can be used to communicate effectively since it is a common channel of communication.

  1. Good employee attitude-management skills

Under this category, my lowest scores were 3, 7 and 8. These are characterized by: inability to listen carefully to differentiate the feeling, behavior and thought intention components of employee attitudes; lack of recognition to employees who exhibit organizational citizenship behaviors and unable to conduct periodic surveys of employee satisfaction.

1: I will regularly talk to different employees and get to learn something new about each of them. This will help me in recognizing their various attitudes.

2: I will conduct more surveys to identify levels of employee satisfaction within the organization based on the feedback from such surveys. These surveys will mainly involve employees.

3:  I will introduce a reward system to recognize exemplary performance in the office for example recognition of employees who display company citizenship behaviors.

  1. Exhibit good group leadership skills

My lowest scores in relation to these skills were 3, 5 and 10. These relate to the lack of ability to recognize the importance of informal groups in the organization, failure to understand why people have negative attitudes towards committee meetings and being uncomfortable playing the devil’s advocate in a group meeting.

1: I will identify the influential members of the informal groups within the organization and get to know more about the values they hold and things they believe could be improved in the organization.

2: I will attend more committee meetings and later obtain feedback from committee members as to how they feel the meetings are being conducted. This will also help in increasing my confidence levels when attending meetings.

3: I will participate by asking questions in every group meeting which will ultimately increase my active participation within the group. This will also enable me to stay alert in all matters being discussed within the group.


  1. Exhibit good change management skills

Within this category, my lowest scores were 1, 5 and 7. These were exhibited by my preference to be reactive than proactive when it comes to change, my inability to predict resistance to change and the source of such resistance; and my inability to be able to demonstrate charisma and communicate a vision.

1: I will obtain more reading material about successful transformational leaders in the past so as to acquire a few principles that will guide me in inspiring people.

2: I will engage fellow colleagues in matters that relate to change and obtain their opinions on the same issues. This will help me recognize people who will resist change and the strength of such resistance.

3: I will set up short-term goals to be achieved when it comes to accepting change within the organization. Achieving these goals will guide me in taking action in relation to change as opposed to waiting and reacting later.

  1. Exhibit good stress management and counseling skills

Within good stress management and counseling skills, my lowest scores were 3, 7 and 10. These are described by lack of ability to recognize burnout, layoff survivor’s sickness or posttraumatic stress disorder in employees, inability to comfortably work for type A and B persons; and unable to recognize employee needs.

1: I will enroll in online training programs on how to appreciate different personality types or diverse employees within an organization.

2: I will occasionally bond with an employee and ask them random questions relating to their work life to be able to recognize some of the things that they might be going through.

3: I will carry out online research on how to recognize factors that may bring about stressful situations in the office. I will then request to make a presentation to employees on how to manage stress within the office setup.

  1. Good Interpersonal Skills

Under interpersonal skills, my lowest scores were 4, 5 and 6. These are characterized by being unable to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the major personality factors, inability to assess the outcome of conflict appropriately; and the inability to shift my behavior among the major conflict resolution strategies.

1: I will review the five conflict resolution strategies and ask experienced employees on ways in which these strategies can be adopted within different situations. I will also obtain more online material to be able to know how to apply conflict resolution strategies.

2: I will carefully assess all the factors present within a situation that leads to a conflict. In this way, I will be able to easily identify and predict the possible outcome of a conflict and even advice if that will be the correct course of action.

3: I will conduct various surveys with managers across the organization to identify how they are able to successfully mitigate conflict within the organization. From these surveys, I will also ask questions pertaining to how they are able to recognize emerging conflicts within the organization.



Self assessment reports are crucial to an individual both to his or her personal life and also work life. This exercise will enable an individual learn how to improve his behavioral skills within groups in the organization and other social contexts. From the above self assessment report, I have been able to identify various skills that I need to work on. This has been facilitated by an analysis of the low scores that I obtained in various skill categories. After identifying the areas in which I exhibited weaknesses, I was able to devise action plans that have been outlined above. If these action plans are followed diligently, I believe that I will able to have significant improvements in many of the areas that have been listed above.