Managing Team Dynamics

One of the most crucial roles of a manager is to manage his/her team wholesomely. However, to effectively do so, one has to understand the important and dynamics of the team he/she is responsible for. Many managers have adopted different approach into this subject of which has also proved to yield various results depending on the success of his approach. One such manager is Mark Zuckerberg who represents the general Y and their managerial skills as far as team dynamics are concerned.

Mark Zuckerberg shares out his perception of team dynamics in an interview. Recalling of the interception of his website, Mark realized that he had a team but also was concerned in the manner to which he was to ensure they all move at the same pace. Coming from a diversified background and equipped academic skills, he argues that the team needed to be set free to act on their won without being pushed. That would perhaps motivate them to act independently and just do what they are good at. However, he feels also that it is necessary to monitor them by ensuring that every person acts to the standards of the organization and its common objective. According to Mark, managing a team dynamic is rather giving every team member a chance to be who they are to maximize their output but must also ensure that they act within the unifying concept.

I do agree with Mark’s opinion for managing team dynamics. This does not only apply to generation Y but also to other systems since his opinion is very realistic and conceptual. It is necessary to let your team act at their comfort thereby accepting their dynamics but meanwhile ensure that all their dynamics conform to the ultimate objective of the organization.